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The WonderWalker is a collection of shared objects. Like the Wunderkammer collections of the 17th century, the map is conceived as a phantasmagoria of web objects, whose reason for placement in the collection is dependent on an independent eye.

Anyone can be a collector. You become one by dragging a button to your browser's toolbar. Then anytime you browse and something catches your eye, just add that to the collection.

Marek Walczak & Martin Wattenberg with additional programming by Jonathan Feinberg

Commissioned by Gallery 9 / Walker Art Center
The "WW" Button turns a browser into a Collector

Write a short description of why you collected the item.

The Icon-Maker.
Draw an icon to represent your item.

The icon appears, stylized, in the map below.

The Map.
Choose a spot for
your icon.

Add your name and click the button to add your item to the collection.

Be a Collector
Learn how you can become a Collector.
About This
That's this page!
The Map Space.
Each Icon links to a Web Page as chosen by a Collector.
Choose a View
Click buttons to choose different views of the map.

From left to right:
Default view based on where the collectors placed their icons.

View icons by Collector.

View icons by date they were made. Icons by different collectors are placed close together.

Zoom buttons
Click and hold to change viewpoint.
Click 'diamond' shape at bottom left to reset view.